Sunday, 17 July 2011

Lattice Card

I need to do something to keep my sanity and as I have no craft space at the moment due to having to gut the room ready for repairs it was a case of what can I get to.  Well I have these 4 fold cards with a jigsaw peice cut out that I have had for a few years and not used, so thought I wonder if I can make a lattice card with them and the answer is yes. I cut the last fold off and used it for the strips, then cut the jigsaw into the middle fold so that you can see through. In one corner I used a Sarah Kay decoupage , I inked the edges of the puzzle lightly and to finish I used some small roses ribbon and a greeting.

Sunday Santa

This weeks card theme is Father Christmas and the only stamp I have is quite a big one. I finally got it how I wanted but in the top corner it was missing something so I put the Holly cause I couldn't find a flower or the paper to make one. I feel the holly has spoiled it a bit, but as I'm feeling really down I just couldn't be bothered to change it. Having a hubby who has a poorly foot but won't help himself is beginning to get to me. He just sits on the sofa all day, he won't put any socks on cause he says they hurt and won't wear a shoe of any kind. I'm at my wits end as to what to do.
Sorry for raving on a bit but I could really do with some hugs.
Vanessa x