Saturday, 14 April 2012

Free Sheets Cards

I've been busy this week on my holiday from work. My daughter asked if I would share a table at the school fete with her, me with my cards and her with jewelry and hand massages. So I had to get my fingers out so to speak. I found an old Making Cards magazine withe some gorgeous papers and toppers free in the centre so I started and made 11 cards. (I've still got 1 more to make!!)

Here are the results. I would love to see your replies .Thanks.xx

Monday, 9 April 2012

Cream and Gold card

For this card I saw my dutch friends with a similar design and have been meaning to have a go for ages. 
So being as I am on holiday and have no grand children I am making the most and crafting.All the gold was bits left over from a wedding stationery set I made last year and you know what we crafters are like for not throwing things away. Hope you like the card. xx

Sunday, 8 April 2012

flower christmas cards

Going through my folder that I keep all my christmas papers toppers etc., in I found some scene toppers I had printed off a long time ago. After making the earlier card using My Craft Studio flowers I thought I would try something different to use both the flowers and toppers. Here are the results.

 Thanking for looking please leave a comment. xx

Happy Birthday

Today is my friend Isobel birthday. I wanted to play with my dies and my grand daughter wanted to know what Isobels fave colour was so that we could make the card. Hope you like the result. I saw my dutch friends blog a card like this and loved her idea and wanted to try and use just Spelbinder dies only. Here is the card.
Happy Easter.

this week on our Sunday Santa it is Anything goes. I watched Sue Wilson do a wreath of flowers and thought I would have a go myself. So I cut 4 different colour greens leaves then I remembered I bought the My Craft Studio flowers and thought they would look nice on top. Is it me or do you all like doing some cards better than others  because I really enjoyed maing this card and will make more like it.
So here is the final product.