Saturday, 14 April 2012

Free Sheets Cards

I've been busy this week on my holiday from work. My daughter asked if I would share a table at the school fete with her, me with my cards and her with jewelry and hand massages. So I had to get my fingers out so to speak. I found an old Making Cards magazine withe some gorgeous papers and toppers free in the centre so I started and made 11 cards. (I've still got 1 more to make!!)

Here are the results. I would love to see your replies .Thanks.xx


Carol said...

Well done Vanessa. They all look very good inded. Pretty and delicate.

Kerry said...

Hi Vanessa

Last name is O'Leary as in 1, 2, 3!! Ryan is central defender #5. Who is your team? As there are only 4 games left in the season I wonder if Killie play your team lol? xx

Kerry said...

Last game of the season Vanessa how exciting lol!!! If it's televised I'll look out for you :-D x

rosie said...

They are gorgeous cards, I'd be surprised if you didn't need more! x